The Most Important Rule

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The Formula's Most Impoprtant Rule

The Scores in the Picture and Director Categories


The film has two or more Best Picture Awards and Nominations

The considered awards are

PGA nominations, DGA nominations, SAG-Ensemble nominations

The Top Ten Movies from
National Board of Review, Broadcast Film Critics, Dallas Film Critics,
Southeastern Film Critics, American Film Institute

Best Picture Nominations from
Golden Globes (drama+ comedy), Online Film Critics Society, BAFTA,
Chicago Film Critics Association, Denver Film Critics Society,

Best Picture winners of
LAFCA, NYFCC, NSFC, European Film Awards, Florida Film Critics,
Satellites (drama only) and the San Diego Film Critics.

Not only will their scores no longer be devided by 2.5.
Above that, they will get 3 points extra.


They won't get the extra points, and their scores will stay divided by 2.5 if:

The Film has six or more Best Picture Awards and Nominations

(see the list above)


Four or less Guild Award Nominations.

The considered Guild Awards are

Screen Actors Guild, Producers Guild Award, Writers Guild Award, Directors Guild Award, American Society of Cinematographers Award, American Cinema Editors Eddie Award.


The Film didn't win any Golden Globes


The Film didn't win Best Picture in Sundance, Berlin, Cannes or Venice


The Film's Director didn't win a Best Direcing Oscar more than ten years ago.

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