General Rules

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The Julianne Moore Rule

If a person wins an award for several films, then he or she receives NO points.

The Tie Breaker

If there's a tie in fifth place in any category, the producer, director, actor or screenwriter who has won the most awards for that particular film receives 0.01 points extra.

All awards listed on are taken in consideration, including awards from film festivals and local critics.

Picture Category and Director Category
The Formula's Most Important Rule

The scores of the producers and directors who are not nominated for the DGA, the PGA or the SAG Ensemble Awards get divided by 2.5. Unless...

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The Acting Categories
The Meryl Streep Rule

An actor or actress who won an Oscar in the past (for an acting performance), and has two points or more from at least two awards (wins or nominations), receives 2 points extra.

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The Kate Winslet Rule

A performance can receive points in only one category: leading or supporting.

Which category that is, is determined by the chronological first award on the Calendar that mentions that performance (as winner, runner-up or nominee)

Once the category is determined, that performance can only receive points if:
  • it wins an award, no matter in which category it wins
  • it's nominated or runner-up in the determined category
  • it receives a nomination from the Screen Actors Guild, no matter in which category it's nominated.

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  • The Alicia Vikander Rule

    If more than one performance of the same actor is in the top 5 of one category, only the performance who was chronological the first to get points will stay in the top five.

    If both performances received their first points from the same organisation, then the performnace who has the most points at the end of the formula will be in the top five.

    The Leading Rule

    The score of every leading actor/actress who isn't nominated for the SAG (individual awards only) nor the Golden Globes, and never received an Oscar nomination before gets divided by 3.3.

    The Supporting Rule

    The score of every supporting actor/actress who isn't nominated for the Golden Globes nor the SAG (via an individual or an ensemble award), gets divided by 3.3, unless they profit by The Meryl Streep Rule.

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