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The Best Picture Category

What Does This All mean?
Column A The Contender's Title

That's - as you might have noticed - the title of the film.

Column B The Calendar Points

Column B contains the points as measured in the way I explained on the Calendar.

Column C The Tie Avoiding Points

Here you can read how many times the film got new points. I installed Column C to avoid ties. For example: if a film got one big award and receives 3 points (Column C=1), than it will not be a tie with the film who won 2 small awards and gets 1.5+1.5 points (Column C=2).

If you click on Spotlight's Collumn B you'll see '=1+3+0,8+3+2+1+2+1+0,8+1+1,5+0,8+1,5+0,8+1+0,8+0,8+1,5+0,8+4+1,5+1+1+2+2 '. This equals 36.6 (Column B), but it took 25 points to get there (Column C).

Column D The Amount of Best Picture Awards and Nominations

Contains the amount of best picture awards and nominations received by this film.

The considered awards are PGA nominations, DGA nominations, SAG-Ensemble nominations, NBR Top 10, Broadcast Film Critics Top 10, Dallas Film Critics Top 10, Southeastern Film Critics Top 10, The AFI Top 10, Best Picture Nominations from the Golden Globes (drama+ comedy), Online Film Critics Society, BAFTA, Chicago Film Critics Association, Denver Film Critics Society, Best Picture winners of the LAFCA, NYFCC, NSFC, European Film Awards, Florida Film Critics, Satellites (drama only) and the San Diego Film Critics.

Column E The Amount of Guild Nominations

Contains the amount of guild nominees received by this film.

(PGA, DGA, SAG, WGA, ACE, ASC, Art-Directors Guild, Costume Designers Guild and Cinema Audio Award)

Column F The Formula's Most Important Point

The score in this column can only be 1 or 0 and has everything to do with The Formula's Most Important Rule.

If you see 1 here, this means that the film receives 3 points extra.

If you see 0 (or nothing) here, this means that the Calendar Points in Column B get divided by 2.5.

Note: This rules only worked as long as there were 5 Best Picture Nominees. Since 2009 this rule has been deleted in the Best Picture Category. So from then on, this column stays empty.

Column G The Final Score

The score is calculated as follows:

(Calendar Points / 2.5) + (The Tie Avoiding Points - 1) * 0.02) + (Amount of Important Awards * 1.08) + (Amount of Guild Nominations * 0.33)

For Spotlight, the Final Score = (36.6 / 2.5) + ((25 - 1) x 0.02) + (15 x 1.08) + (5 x 0.33) = 32.97

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