Score Calculations

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The Acting Categories

What Does This All mean?
Column A The Contender's Name and The Film's Title

- Duh - .

Column B The Calendar Points

Column B contains the points as measured in the way I explained on the Calendar.

Column C The Tie Avoiding Points

Here you can read how many times the film got new points. I installed Column C to avoid ties.

If you click on Bill Murray's Column B you'll see '=3+1+2+1.5+1.5+1.5+3+3+1+4+1'. This equals 22.5 (Column B), but it took 11 points to get there (Column C).

Column D The Final Score

The Final Scores in the acting categories are calculated as follows:

Calendar Points + (The Tie Avoiding Points - 1) * 0.11)

For Bill Murray, the Final Score = 22.5 + ((11 - 1) * 0.11) = 23.6

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