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1999 70th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top Ten Films of 1999
1. American Beauty
2. The Talented Mr Ripley
3. Magnolia
4. The Insider
5. The Straight Story
6. Cradle Will Rock
7. Boys Don't Cry
8. Being John Malkovich
9. Tumbleweeds
10. Three Kings

Foreign Films
1. All About My Mother
2. Run Lola Run
3. East-West
4. Cabaret Balkan
5. The Emperor And The Assassin

Best Director: Anthony Minghella - The Talented Mr Ripley
Best Actor: Russell Crowe - The Insider
Best Actress: Janet McTeer - Tumbleweeds
Best Supporting Actor: Phllip Seymour Hoffman - Magnolia and The Talented Mr Ripley
Best Supporting Actress: Julianne Moore - An Ideal Husband, A Map of The World, Cookie's Fortune, Magnolia
Best Screenplay: John Irving - The Cider House Rules

Best Ensemble: Magnolia
Breakthrough Performances: Wes Bentley (American Beauty) & Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry)
Best Directorial Debut: Kimberly Pierce, Boys Don't Cry
Special Achievement: Tim Robbins, Cradle Will Rock

Freedom Of Expression: Michael Mann, The Insider
Best Independent Feautures: A Map of The World, A Walk on The Moon, Election, Go, Limbo, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Man of The Century, Stir of Echoes, This is My Father, Twin Falls Idaho

1998 69th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top Ten Films of 1998
1. Gods and Monsters
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Elizabeth
4. Happiness
5. Shakespeare In Love
6. The Butcher Boy
7. Lo-li-ta
8. The Thin Red Line
9. A Simple Plan
10. Dancing at Lughnasa

Top Five Foreign Language Films Of 1998
1. Central Station (Brazil)
2. Life Is Beautiful (Italy)
3. The Thief (Russia)
4. Beyond Silence (Germany)
5. Men With Guns (Us)

Best Director: Shekhar Kapur -- Elizabeth
Best Actor: Ian McKellen -- Gods and Monsters
Best Actress: Fernanda Montenegro -- Central Station
Best Supporting Actor: Ed Harris -- The Truman Show and Stepmom
Best Supporting Actress: Christina Ricci -- The Opposite of Sex, Buffalo 66, and Pecker

Best Ensemble: Happiness
Breakthrough Performances: Billy Crudup (The Hi-Lo Country) & Angelina Jolie (Playing By Heart)
Best Documentary: Wild Man Blues (Barbara Kopple)
Special Achievement Award: Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful

Freedom Of Expression: Bernardo Bertolucci
Best Independent Feautures: Buffalo 66, Dark City, Love & Death on Long Island, Next Stop Wonderland, The Opposite of Sex, Passion in the Desert, PI, Smoke Signals, Waking Ned Devine, Your Friends and Neighbors

1997 68th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1997
1. L. A. Confidential
2. As Good As It Gets
3. The Wings of the Dove
4. Good Will Hunting
5. Titanic
6. The Sweet Hereafter
7. Boogie Nights
8. The Full Monty
9. John Grisham's The Rainmaker
10. Jackie Brown

Foreign Language Film
1. Shall We Dance?
2. Beaumarchais
3. Ma Vie en Rose
4. La Promesse
5. Ponette

Best Director: Curtis Hanson, L. A. Confidential
Best Actor: Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets
Best Actress : Helena Bonham Carter, The Wings of the Dove
Best Supporting Actor: Greg Kinnear, As Good As It Gets
Best Supporting Actress: Anne Heche, Wag the Dog, Donnie Brasco

Best Ensemble: The Sweet Hereafter
Breakthrough Performance: Bai Ling, Red Corner
Directorial Debut: Kasi Lemmons, Eve's Bayou
Special Achievement: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting
Best Documentary: Fast, Cheap and Out of Controll

Freedom of Expression: Jan Avnet and Richard Gere, Red Corner
Best Independent Feautures: The Apostle, Chasing Amy, The Daytrippers, Different for Girls, Gridlock'd, In the Company of Men, Star Maps, The Tango Lesson, Telling Lies in America, Welcome to Sarajevo

1996 67th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1996
1. Shine
2. The English Patient
3. Fargo
4. Secrets & Lies
5. Everybody Says I Love You
6. Evita
7. Sling Blade
8. Trainspotting
9. The People Vs. Larry Flynt
10. Breaking The Waves
- Jerry Maguire

Foreign Language Film :
1. Ridicule
2. Les Voleurs
3. Bitter Sugar
4. La Ceremonie
5. Kolya

Best Director: Joel Coen, Fargo
Best Actor: Tom Cruise, Jerry Maguire
Best Actress : Frances McDormand, Fargo
Best Supporting Actor: Edward Norton, Primal Fear, Everyone Says I Love You, and The People vs. Larry Flint
Best Supporting Actress(es): Juliette Binoche and Kristin Scott Thomas, The English Patient

Best Ensemble: The First Wives Club
Breakthrough Performance: Renee Zellweger, Jerry Maguire
Special Achievement: Billy Bob Thornton, Sling Blade
Best Documentary: Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

Freedom Of Expression: Milos Forman & Oliver Stone, The People vs. Larry Flynt
Best Independent Feautures: Angels & Insects, Basquiat, Big Night, Bound, Caught, Follow Me Home, I Shot Andy Warhol, Lone Star, Marvin's Room, Substance of Fire, Swingers, The Deli, The War Room, Unhook the Stars, Welcome to the Dollhouse

1995 66th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1995
1. Sense and Sensibility
2. Apollo 13
3. Carrington
4. Leaving Las Vegas
5. The American President
6. Mighty Aphrodite
7. Smoke
8. Persuasion
9. Braveheart
10. The Usual Suspects

Foreign Films
1. Shanghai Triad - Hong Kong / China
2. Les Miserables - France
3. Il Postino - Italy
4. Farinelli - Belgium
5. Lamerica - Italy

Best Director: Ang Lee, Sense and Sensibility
Best Actor: Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas
Best Actress : Emma Thompson, Sense and Sensibility, Carrington
Best Supporting Actor: Kevin Spacey, Seven, The Usual Suspects
Best Supporting Actress: Mira Sorvino, Mighty Aphrodity
Best Ensemble: The Usual Suspects
Breakthrough Performance: Alicia Silverstone, Clueless
Best Documentary: Crumb
Special Achievement: Mel Gibson, Braveheart
Freedom of Expression Award : Zhang Yimou

1994 65th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1994
1. Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction (tie)
2. Quiz Show
3. Four Weddings and a Funeral
4. Bullets over Broadway
5. Ed Wood
6. The Shawshank Redemption
7. Nobody's Fool
8. The Madness of King George
9. Tom and Viv
10. Heavenly Creatures

Foreign Language Film :
1. Eat Drink Man Woman
2. To Live
3. Strawberries and Chocolate
4. Red
5. Queen Margot

Best Director: Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction
Best Actor: Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump
Best Actress : Miranda Richardson, Tom and Viv
Best Supporting Actor: Gary Sinise, Forrest Gump
Best Supporting Actress: Rosemary Harris, Tom and Viv
Best Documentary: Hoop Dreams
Best Ensemble: Ready to Wear

1993 64th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1993
1. Schindler's List
2. The Age of Innocence
3. The Remians of the Day
4. The Piano
5. Shadowlands
6. In the Name of the Father
7. Philadelphia
8. Much Ado About Nothing
9. Short Cuts
10. The Joy Luck Club

Foreign Language Film :
1. Farewell, My Concubine
2. El Mariachi
3. Un Coeur en Hiver
4. The Story of Qiu Ju
5. The Accompanist

Best Director: Martin Scorsese, The Age of Innocense
Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins, The Remains of the Day, Shadowlands
Best Actress : Holly Hunter, The Piano
Best Supporting Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Best Supporting Actress: Winona Ryder, The Age of Innocence
Best Documentary: The War Room

1992 63rd Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1992
1. Howards End
2. The Crying Game
3. Glengarry Glen Ross
4. A Few Good Men
5. The Player
6. Unforgiven
7. One False Move
8. Peter's Friends
9. Bob Roberts
10. Malcolm X

Foreign Language Film :
1. Indochine
2. Raise the Red Lantern
3. Tous les Matins du Monde (All The Mornings Of The World)
4. Mediterraneo
5. Like Water for Chocolate

Best Director: James Ivory, Howards End
Best Actor: Jack Lemmon, Glengarry Glen Ross
Best Actress : Emma Thompson, Howards End
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men
Best Supporting Actress: Judy Davis, Husbands and Wives
Best Documentary: Brother's Keeper

1991 62nd Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1991
1. The Silence Of The Lambs
2. Bugsy
3. Grand Canyon
4. Thelma And Louise
5. Homicide
6. Dead Again
7. Boyz N The Hood
8. Rambling Rose
9. Frankie And Johnny
10. Jungle Fever

Foreign Language Film :
1. Europa, Europa
2. The Vanishing
3. La Femme Nikita
4. My Father's Glory And My Mother's Castle
5. Toto Le Heros

Best Director: Jonathan Demme, The Silence of the Lambs
Best Actor: Warren Beatty, Bugsy
Best Actress(es) : Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Thelma and Louise
Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs
Best Supporting Actress: Kate Nelligan, Frankie and Johnny

1990 61st Annual National Board of Review Awards

Top 10 Movies of 1990
1. Dances With Wolves
2. Hamlet
3. Goodfellas
4. Awakenings
5. Reversal of Fortune
6. Miller's Crossing
7. Metropolitan
8. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
9. Avalon
10. The Grifters

Foreign Language Film :
1. Cyrano De Bergerac
2. Jesus of Montreal
3. The Nasty Girl
4. Monsieur Hire
5. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Best Director: Kevin Costner, Dances With Wolves
Best Actor: Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Awakenings
Best Actress : Mia Farrow, Alice
Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci, Goodfellas
Best Supporting Actress: Winona Ryder, Mermaids

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