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1999 - 34th Annual National Society of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture (TIE) : Being John Malkovich & Topsy-Turvy
Best Director: Mike Leigh, Topsy-Turvy
(RU - David O. Russell - Three Kings)
Best Actor: Russell Crowe, The Insider
(RU - Jim Broadbent - Topsy-Turvy)
Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Election
(RU - Hilary Swank - Boys Don't Cry)
Best Supporting Actor : Christopher Plummer, The Insider
(RU - Philip Seymour Hoffman - The Talented Mr. Ripley & Magnolia)
Best Supporting Actress: Chloë Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry
(RU - Julianne Moore - Cookie's Fortune, An Ideal Husband, A Map Of The World & Magnolia)
Best Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman, Being John Malkovich
(RU - Election)
Best Foreign Film: Autumn Tale, directed by Eric Rohmer
Best Non-Fiction Film: Buena Vista Social Club, directed by Wim Wenders
Best Cinematography: Conrad L. Hall, American Beauty
Best Experimental Film Award: Robert Beavers for his contributions to the field of avant-garde film as exemplified by his 1999 program in the New York Film Festival as well as his ongoing work as a visionary filmmaker and his activities in restoring and preserving films by Gregory J. Markopoulos
Special Citation: James Quandt of the Ontario Cinematheque
Film Heritage Award : Grand Illusion / The Third Man / The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Greed

1998 - 33rd Annual National Society of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Out Of Sight
(RU - Saving Private Ryan)
Best Director: Steven Soderbergh, Out Of Sight
(RU - Terrence Malick - The Thin Red Line)
Best Actor: Nick Nolte, Affliction
(RU - Ian McKellen - Gods And Monsters)
Best Actress: Ally Sheedy, High Art
(RU - Fernanda Montenegro - Central Station)
Best Supporting Actor: Bill Murray, Rushmore
(RU - Donald Sutherland - Without Limits)
Best Supporting Actress : Judi Dench, Shakespeare In Love
(RU - Patricia Clarkson - High Art)
Best Screenplay: Scott Frank, Out Of Sight
(RU - Shakespeare In Love)
Best Foreign Film: The Taste Of Cherry, directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Best Non-Fiction Film: The Farm: Angola, USA, directed by Liz Garbus, Wilbert Rideau & Jonathan Stack
Best Cinematography: John Toll, The Thin Red Line
Best Experimental Film: Mother And Son, directed by Aleksandr Sokurov
Special Citation: Walter Murch, Rick Schmidlin, Bob O'Neil and Jonathan Rosenbaum, for the director's cut of Touch Of Evil, & Critic Manny Farber, for the expanded edition of his book Negative Space

1997 - 32nd Annual National Society of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: L.A. Confidential
(RU - The Sweet Hereafter)
Best Director: Curtis Hanson, L.A. Confidential
Best Actor: Robert Duvall, The Apostle
(RU - Peter Fonda - Ulee's Gold)
Best Actress: Julie Christie, Afterglow
(RU - Helena Bonham Carter - The Wings Of The Dove)
Best Supporting Actor: Burt Reynolds, Boogie Nights
Best Supporting Actress: Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights
Best Screenplay: Brian Helgeland & Curtis Hanson, L.A. Confidential
Best Foreign Film: La Promesse, directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne
Best Non-Fiction Film: Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control, directed by Errol Morris
Best Cinematography: Roger Deakins, Kundun
Special Citation: Nightjohn, Charles Burnett's made-for-Disney Channel a film whose exceptional quality and origin challenge strictures of the movie marketplace.

1996 - 31st Annual National Society of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Breaking The Waves
(RU - Secrets & Lies)
Best Director: Lars Von Trier, Breaking The Waves
(RU - Mike Leigh - Secrets & Lies)
Best Actor: Eddie Murphy, The Nutty Professor
(RU - Vincent D'Onofrio - The Whole Wide World)
Best Actress: Emily Watson, Breaking The Waves
(RU - Brenda Blethyn - Secrets & Lies)
Best Supporting Actor (TIE) : Martin Donovan, The Portrait of a Lady & Tony Shaloub, Big Night
(RU - Edward Norton - The People vs. Larry Flynt, Primal Fear & Everyone Says I Love You)
Best Supporting Actress: Barbara Hershey, The Portrait of a Lady
(RU - Renee Zellweger, Jerry Maguire)
Best Screenplay: Albert Brooks and Monica Johnson, Mother
(RU - Big Night)
Best Foreign Film: La Ceremonie, directed by Claude Chabrol
Best Cinematography: Robby Muller, Breaking The Waves & Dead Man
Best Documentary: When We Were Kings, directed by Leon Gast
Special Citation: James Katz and Robert Harris, for restoration of Vertigo

1995 - 30th Annual National Society of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Babe
(RU - Crumb)
Best Director : Mike Figgis, Leaving Las Vegas
(RU - Todd Haynes - Safe)
Best Actor: Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas
(RU - Sean Penn - Dead Man Walking)
Best Actress: Elisabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas
(RU - Jennifer Jason Leigh - Georgia)
Best Supporting Actor: Don Cheadle, Devil In A Blue Dress
(RU - Kevin Spacey - The Usual Suspects / Seven / Swimming With Sharks / Outbreak)
Best Supporting Actress: Joan Allen, Nixon
(RU - Mira Sorvino - Mighty Aphrodite)
Best Screenplay: Amy Heckerling, Clueless
(RU - Wild Reeds)
Best Foreign Film: Wild Reeds, directed by André Téchiné
Best Cinematography: Tak Fujimoto, Devil in a Blue Dress
Best Documentary: Crumb
Citation for Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema: Latcho Drom, directed by Tony Gatlif

1994 - 29th Annual National Society Of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Pulp Fiction
(RU - Red)
Best Director : Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction
(RU - Krzysztof Kieslowski - Red)
Best Actor : Paul Newman, Nobody's Fool
(RU - Samuel L. Jackson - Pulp Fiction)
Best Actress : Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Best Supporting Actor : Martin Landau, Ed Wood
(RU - John Travolta - Pulp Fiction)
Best Supporting Actress : Dianne Wiest, Bullets over Broadway
(RU - Uma Thurman - Pulp Fiction)
Best Screenplay : Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction
(RU - Quiz Show)
Best Cinematography : Stefan Czapsky, Ed Wood
Best Foreign Film : Three Colors: Red, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
Special Citation : Satantango & The Pharoah's Belt
Best Documentary : Hoop Dreams, directed by Steve James

1993 - 28th Annual National Society Of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Schindler's List
(RU - The Piano)
Best Director : Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List
(RU - Jane Campion - The Piano)
Best Actor : David Thewlis, Naked
(RU - Anthony Hopkins - The Remains of the Day)
Best Actress : Holly Hunter, The Piano
(RU - Ashley Judd - Ruby in Paradise)
Best Supporting Actor : Ralph Fiennes, Schindler's List
(RU - Leonardo DiCaprio - What's Eating Gilbert Grape)
Best Supporting Actress : Madeleine Stowe, Short Cuts
(RU - Gwyneth Paltrow - Flesh and Bone)
Best Screenplay : Jane Campion, The Piano
(RU - Six Degrees of Separation)
Best Cinematography : Janusz Kaminski, Schindler's List
Best Foreign Film : The Story of Qiu Ju, directed by Zhang Yimou
Best Documentary : Visions of Light, directed by Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy & Stuart Samuels
Special Citation :
  • Richard Wilson, Myron Meisel, Bill Krohn and Ed Marx, the makers of It's All True, for their historic work reassembling the footage from Orson Welles' lost 1942 documentary.
  • Rock Hudson's Home Movies by Mark Rappaport, for adroitly combining fictional narrative with essay to deconstruct Rock Hudson's screen image.

    1992 - 27th Annual National Society Of Film Critics Awards

    Best Picture : Unforgiven
    (RU - The Crying Game)
    Best Director : Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven
    (RU - Robert Altman - The Player)
    Best Actor : Stephen Rea, The Crying Game
    (RU - Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven)
    Best Actress : Emma Thompson, Howards End
    (RU - Susan Sarandon - Lorenzo's Oil)
    Best Supporting Actor : Gene Hackman, Unforgiven
    (RU - Jaye Davidson - The Crying Game)
    Best Supporting Actress : Judy Davis, Husbands And Wives
    (RU - Miranda Richardson - The Crying Game / Damage / Enchanted April)
    Best Screenplay : David Webb Peoples, Unforgiven
    (RU - The Crying Game)
    Best Cinematography : Zhao Fei, Raise The Red Lantern
    Best Foreign Film : Raise The Red Lantern, directed by Zhang Yimou
    New Director : Allison Anders, Gas Food Lodging
    Best Documentary : American Dream, directed by Barbara Kopple
    Special Citation : Another Girl, Another Planet, Michael Almereyda's experimental film shot on Pixelvision children's black and white video camera

    1991 - 26th Annual National Society Of Film Critics Awards

    Best Picture : Life Is Sweet
    (RU - Naked Lunch)
    Best Director : David Cronenberg, Naked Lunch
    (RU - Mike Leigh - Life is Sweet)
    Best Actor : River Phoenix, My Own Private Idaho
    (RU - Warren Beatty - Bugsy)
    Best Actress : Alison Steadman, Life Is Sweet
    (RU - Jodie Foster - Silence of the Lambs)
    Best Supporting Actor : Harvey Keitel, Bugsy / Thelma & Louise / Mortal Thoughts
    (RU - Steven Hill - Billy Bathgate)
    Best Supporting Actress : Jane Horrocks, Life Is Sweet
    (RU - Juliette Lewis - Cape Fear)
    Best Screenplay : David Cronenberg, Naked Lunch
    (RU - Bugsy)
    Best Cinematography : Roger Deakins, Barton Fink
    Best Foreign Film : The Double Life of Veronique, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski
    Experimental Film : Archangel, directed by Guy Maddin
    Best Documentary : Paris Is Burning, directed by Jennie Livingston
    Special Citation : Peter Delpeut, for film preservation for his compilation film, Lyrical Nitrate (The Netherlands)

    1990 - 25th Annual National Society Of Film Critics Awards

    Best Picture : Goodfellas
    (RU - The Grifters)
    Best Director : Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas
    (RU - Stephen Frears - The Grifters)
    Best Actor : Jeremy Irons, Reversal Of Fortune
    (RU - Danny Glover - To Sleep with Anger)
    Best Actress : Anjelica Huston, The Grifters / The Witches
    (RU - Joanne Woodward - Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
    Best Supporting Actor : Bruce Davison, Longtime Companion
    (RU - Joe Pesci - GoodFellas)
    Best Supporting Actress : Annette Bening, The Grifters
    (RU - Uma Thurman - Where the Heart Is / Henry and June)
    Best Screenplay : Charles Burnett, To Sleep With Anger
    (RU - The Russia House)
    Best Cinematography : Peter Suschitzky, Where The Heart Is
    Best Foreign Film : Ariel, directed by Aki Kaurismäki
    Best Documentary : Berkeley In The Sixties, directed by Mark Kitchell
    Special Citation : Jean-Luc Godard, whose work has inspired, entertained and moved us for three decades.

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