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1939 10th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. Confessions of a Nazi Spy
2. Wuthering Heights
3. Stagecoach
4. Ninotchka
5. Young Mr. Lincoln
6. Crisis
7. Goodbye, Mr. Chips
8. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
9. The Roaring Twenties
10. U-Boat 29

Best Foreign Films
1. Port of Shadows - France
2. Harvest - France
3. Alexander Nevsky - U.S.S.R.
4. The End of a Day - France
5. Robert Koch - Germany

Best Acting
James Cagney - The Roaring Twenties
Bette Davis - Dark Victory / The Old Maid
Geraldine Fitzgerald - Dark Victory / Wuthering Heights
Henry Fonda - Young Mr. Lincoln
Jean Gabin - Port of Shadows
Greta Garbo - Ninotchka
Francis Lederer, Paul Lukas - Confessions of a Nazi Spy
Thomas Mitchell - Stagecoach
Laurence Olivier - Wuthering Heights
Flora Robson - We Are Not Alone
Michel Simon - Port of Shadows / The End of a Day

1938 9th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. The Citadel
2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
3. The Beachcombers
4. To the Victor
5. Sing You Sinners
6. The Edge of the World
7. Of Human Hearts
8. Jezebel
9. South Riding
10. Three Comrades

Best Foreign Films
1. Grand Illusion - France
2. Un Carnet de Bal - France
3. Generals without Buttons - France
4. Peter the First - U.S.S.R.

Best Acting
Lew Ayres - Holiday
Pierre Blanchar, Harry Baur, Louis Jouvet, Raimu - Un Carnet de Bal
James Cagney - Angels with Dirty Faces
Joseph Calleia - Algiers
Chico - The Adventures of Chico
Robert Donat - The Citadel
Will Fyffe - To the Victor
Pierre Fresnay, Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Erich von Stroheim - Grand Illusion
John Garfield - Four Daughters
Wendy Hiller - Pygmalion
Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester - The Beachcomber
Robert Morley - Marie Antoinette
Ralph Richardson - South Riding / The Citadel
Margaret Sullavan - Three Comrades
Spencer Tracy - Boys Town

1937 8th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. Night Must Fall
2. The Life of Emile Zola
3. Black Legion
4. Camille
5. Make Way for Tomorrow
6. The Good Earth
7. They Won't Forget
8. Captains Courageous
9. A Star Is Born
10. Stage Door

Best Foreign Films
1. The Eternal Mask - Austria / Switzerland
2. The Lower Depths - France
3. Baltic Deputy - U.S.S.R.
4. Mayerling - France
5. The Spanish Earth - Spain
6. Golgotha - France
7. Elephant Boy - United Kingdom
8. Rembrandt - United Kingdom
9. Janosik - Czechoslovakia
10. The Wedding of Palo - Greenland / Denmark

Best Acting
Harry Baur - The Golem
Humphrey Bogart - Black Legion
Charles Boyer - Conquest
Nikolai Cherkassov - Baltic Deputy
Danielle Darrieux - Mayerling
Greta Garbo - Camille
Robert Montgomery - Night Must Fall
Maria Ouspenskaya - Conquest
Luise Rainer - The Good Earth
Joseph Schildkraut - The Life of Emile Zola
Mathias Wieman - The Eternal Mask
Dame May Whitty - Night Must Fall

1936 7th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
2. The Story of Louis Pasteur
3. Modern Times
4. Fury
5. Winterset
6. The Devil Is a Sissy
7. Ceiling Zero
8. Romeo and Juliet
9. The Prisoner of Zenda
10. Green Pastures

Best Foreign Films
1. Carnival in Flanders - France
2. The New Earth - The Netherlands
3. Rembrandt - United Kingdom
4. The Ghost Goes West - United Kingdom
5. Nine Days a Queen - United Kingdom
6. We Are from Kronstadt - U.S.S.R.
7. Son of Mongolia - U.S.S.R.
8. The Yellow Cruise - France
9. Les Miserables - France
10. The Secret Agent - United Kingdom

1935 6th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. The Informer
Alice Adams
Anna Karenina
David Copperfield
The Gilded Lily
Les Miserables
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer
Mutiny on the Bounty
Ruggles of Red Gap
Who Killed Cock Robin?

Best Foreign Films
Chapayev - U.S.S.R.
Crime and Punishment - France
Le Dernier Milliardaire - France
The Man Who Knew Too Much - United Kingdom
Marie Chapdelaine - France
La Maternelle - France
The New Gulliver - U.S.S.R.
Peasants - U.S.S.R.
Thunder in the East - France
The Youth of Maxim - U.S.S.R.

1934 5th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. It Happened One Night
The Count of Monte Cristo
Crime without Passion
The First World War
The Lost Patrol
Lot in Sodom
No Greater Glory
The Thin Man
Viva Villa

Best Foreign Films
1. Man of Aran - United Kingdom
The Blue Light - Germany
Catherine the Great - United Kingdom
The Constant Nymph - United Kingdom
Madame Bovary - France

1933 4th Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Pictures
1. Topaze
Berkeley Square
Little Women
Mama Loves Papa
The Pied Piper
She Done Him Wrong
State Fair
Three-Cornered Moon
Zoo in Budapest

Best Foreign Films
Hertha's Erwachen - Germany
Ivan - U.S.S.R.
M - Germany
Morgenroth - Germany
Niemandsland - Germany
Poil de Carotte - France
The Private Life of Henry VIII - United Kingdom
Quatorze Juliet - France
Rome Express - United Kingdom
La Sang d'un Poete - France

1932 3rd Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
1. I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
As You Desire Me
A Bill of Divorcement
A Farewell to Arms
Madame Racketeer
Payment Deferred
Tarzan the Ape Man
Trouble in Paradise
Two Seconds

Best Foreign Films
A Nous La Liberte - France
Der Andere - Germany
The Battle of Gallipolli - United Kingdom
Golden Mountains - U.S.S.R.
Kameradschaft - Germany
Madchen in Uniform - Germany
Der Raub der Mona Lisa - Germany
Rserved for Ladies - United Kingdom
Road to Life - U.S.S.R.
Zwei Menschen - Germany

1931 2nd Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
City Lights
City Streets
The Front Page
The Guardsman
Quick Millions

Best Foreign Films
Die Dreigroschenoper - Germany
Das Lied vom Leben - Germany
Le Million - France
Sous les Toits de Paris - France
Vier von der Infanterie - Germany

1930 1st Annual National Board of Review Awards

Best American Films
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Man from Blankelys
Men without Women
Outward Bound
The Street of Chance
Tol'able David

Best Foreign Films
High Treason - Germany
Old and New - U.S.S.R.
Soil - U.S.S.R.
Storm Over Asia - U.S.S.R.
Zwei Herzen im 3/4 Takt - Germany


Best Pictures
Bulldog Drummond
The Case of Lena Smith
The Letter
The Love Parade
Paris Bound
The Valiant

Best Foreign Films
The Passion of Joan of Arc
Ten Days That Shook the World

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