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1979 - 45th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Kramer vs. Kramer
(RU - Breaking Away)
Best Director : Woody Allen, Manhattan
(RU - Robert Benton, Kramer vs. Kramer)
Best Actor : Dustin Hoffman, Kramer vs. Kramer
(RU - Peter Sellers, Being There)
Best Actress : Sally Field, Norma Rae
(RU - Bette Midler, The Rose)
Best Supporting Actor : Melvyn Douglas, Being There
(RU - Frederic Forrest, The Rose)
Best Supporting Actress : Meryl Streep, Kramer vs. Kramer, The Seduction of Joe Tynan
(RU - Jane Alexander, Kramer vs. Kramer)
Best Screenplay : Steve Tesich, Breaking Away
(RU - Manhattan)
Best Foreign Film : The Tree of Wodden Clogs, directed by Ermanno Olmi
(RU - La Cage Aux Folles)

1978 - 44th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : The Deer Hunter
(RU - Days of Heaven)
Best Director : Terrence Malick, Days of Heaven
(RU - Paul Mazursky, An Unmarried Woman)
Best Actor : Jon Voight, Coming Home
(RU - Gary Busey, The Buddy Holly Story)
Best Actress : Ingrid Bergman, Autumn Sonata
(RU - Jill Clayburgh, An Unmarried Woman)
Best Supporting Actor : Christopher Walken, The Deer Hunter
(RU - Richard Farnsworth, Comes a Horseman)
Best Supporting Actress : Maureen Stapleton, Interiors
(RU - Maggie Smith, California Suite)
Best Screenplay : Paul Mazursky, An Unmarried Woman
(RU - Movie, Movie)
Best Foreign Film : Bread and Chocolate, directed by Franco Brusati
(RU - Autumn Sonata)

1977 - 43rd New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Annie Hall
(RU - That Obscure Object of Desire)
Best Director : Woody Allen, Annie Hall
(RU - Luis Bunuel, That Obscure Object of Desire)
Best Actor : John Gielbud, Providence
(RU - Fernando Rey, That Obscure Object of Desire)
Best Actress : Diane Keaton, Annie Hall
(RU - Shelley Duvall, Three Women)
Best Supporting Actor : Maximilian Schell, Julia
(RU - Bill Macy, The Late Show)
Best Supporting Actress : Sissy Spacek, Three Women
(RU - Vanessa Redgrave, Julia)
Best Screenplay : Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman, Annie Hall
(RU - That Obscure Object of Desire)

1976 - 42nd New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : All the President's Men
(RU - Network)
Best Director : Alan Pakula, All the President's Men
Best Actor : Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver
(RU - David Carradine, Bound for Glory)
Best Actress : Liv Ullmann, Face to Face
(RU - Faye Dunaway, Network)
Best Supporting Actor : Jason Robards, All the President's Men
(RU - Harvey Keitel, Taxi Driver)
Best Supporting Actress : Talia Shire, Rocky
(RU - Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver)
Best Screenplay : Paddy Chayefsky, Network
(RU - The Last Tycoon)

1975 - 41st New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Nashville
(RU - Barry Lyndon)
Best Director : Robert Altman, Nashville
(RU - Stanley Kubrick, Barry Lyndon)
Best Actor : Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
(RU - Al Pacino, Dog Day Afternoon)
Best Actress : Isabelle Adjani, The Story of Adele H.
(RU - Florinda Bolkan, A Brief Vacation)
Best Supporting Actor : Alan Arkin, Hearts of the West
(RU - Henry Gibson, Nashville)
Best Supporting Actress : Lily Tomlin, Nashville
(RU - Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Best Screenplay : Francois Truffaut, Jean Gruault, Suzanne Schiffman, The Story of Adele H.
(RU - Swept Away)

1974 - 40th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Amarcord
(RU - Scenes from a Marriage)
Best Director : Federico Fellini, Amarcord
(RU - Ingmar Bergman, Scenes from a Marriage)
Best Actor : Jack Nicholson, Chinatown, The Last Detail
(RU - Gene Hackman, The Conversation)
Best Actress : Liv Ullmann, Scenes from a Marriage
(RU - Gena Rowlands, A Woman Under the Influence)
Best Supporting Actor : Charles Boyer, Stavisky
(RU - Robert De Niro, The Godfather Part II)
Best Supporting Actress : Valerie Perrine, Lenny
(RU - Bibi Andersson, Scenes from a Marriage)
Best Screenplay : Ingmar Bergman, Scenes from a Marriage
(RU - Chinatown)
Special Award : Fabiano Canosa, for his innovative programs at the First Avenue Screening Room

1973 - 39th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Day for Night
(RU - Last Tango in Paris)
Best Director : Francois Truffaut, Day for Night
(RU - Costa-Gavras, Stage of Siege)
Best Actor : Marlon Brando, Last Tango in Paris
(RU - Al Pacino, Serpico)
Best Actress : Joanne Woodward, Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
(RU - Glenda Jackson, A Touch of Class)
Best Supporting Actor : Robert De Niro, Bang the Drum Slowly
(RU - John Houseman, The Paper Chase)
Best Supporting Actress : Valentina Cortese, Day for Night
Best Screenplay : George Lucas, Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck, American Graffitti

1972 - 38th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : Cries and Whispers
(RU - The Godfather)
Best Director : Ingmar Bergman, Cries and Whispers
(RU - Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather)
Best Actor : Laurence Olivier, Sleuth
(RU - Marlon Brando, The Godfather)
Best Actress : Liv Ullmann, Cries and Whispers, The Emigrants
(RU - Cicely Tyson, Sounder)
Best Supporting Actor : Robert Duvall, The Godfather
(RU - Eddie Albert, The Heartbreak Kid)
Best Supporting Actress : Jeannie Berlin, The Heartbreak Kid
(RU - Susan Tyrrell, Fat City)
Best Screenplay : Ingmar Bergman, Cries and Whispers
(RU - The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie)
Special Citation : The Sorrow and the Pity as the year's Best documentary

1971 - 37th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture : A Clockwork Orange
(RU - The Last Picture Show)
Best Director : Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange
(RU - Peter Bogdanovich, The Last Picture Show)
Best Actor : Gene Hackman, The French Connection
(RU - Peter Finch, Sunday, Bloody Sunday)
Best Actress : Jane Fonda, Klute
(RU - Gena Rowlands, Minnie and Moskowitz)
Best Supporting Actor : Ben Johnson, The Last Picture Show
(RU - Warren Oates, The Hired Hand / Two Lane Blacktop)
Best Supporting Actress : Ellen Burstyn, The Last Picture Show
(RU - Cloris Leachman, The Last Picture Show)
Best Screenplay (tie):
Peter Bogdanovich and Larry McMurtry, The Last Picture Show
Penelope Gilliatt, Sunday Bloody Sunday
(RU - Claire's Knee)

1970 - 36th New York Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Five Easy Pieces
(RU - Passion of Anna)
Best Director : Bob Rafelson, Five Easy Pieces
(RU - Federico Fellini, Fellini's Satyricon)
Best Actor : George C. Scott, Patton
(RU - Melvyn Douglas, I Never Sang for My Father)
Best Actress : Glenda Jackson, Women in Love
(RU - Karen Black, Five Easy Pieces)
Best Supporting Actor : Chief Dan George, Little Big Man
(RU - Paul Mazursky, Alex in Wonderland)
Best Supporting Actress : Karen Black, Five Easy Pieces
(RU - Francoise Fabian, My Night at Maud's)
Best Screenplay : Eric Rohmer, My Night at Maud's
(RU - Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion)

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