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1989 - 15th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Do the Right Thing
(RU - Drugstore Cowboy)
Spike Lee, Do the Right Thing
(RU - Oliver Stone - Born on the Fourth of July)
Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot
(RU - Morgan Freeman - Driving Miss Daisy)
Andie MacDowell, sex, lies, and videotape
Michelle Pfeiffer, The Fabulous Baker Boys
Supporting Actor
Danny Aiello, Do the Right Thing
(RU - Martin Landau - Crimes and Misdemeanors)
Supporting Actress
Brenda Fricker, My Left Foot
(RU - Anjelica Huston - Enemies: A Love Story)
Gus Van Sant, Daniel Yost, Drugstore Cowboy

Cinematography : Michael Ballhaus, The Fabulous Baker Boys
Foreign Film : Distant Voices Still Lives (Terence Davies) & The Story of Women (Claude Chabrol)
Music : Bill Lee, et al , Do the Right Thing
Documentary : Roger & Me
Animated Film : The Little Mermaid
Career Achievement : Stanley Donen
New Generation Award : Laura San Giacomo - sex, lies, and videotape
Special Award : The Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Experimental/Independent Film Award : Gregg Araki - The Long Weekend

1988 - 14th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Little Dorrit
(RU - Dead Ringers)
David Cronenberg, Dead Ringers
(RU - Martin Scorsese - The Last Temptation of Christ)
Tom Hanks, Punchline
(RU - Jeremy Irons - Dead Ringers)
Christine Lahti, Running on Empty
(RU - Diane Verona - Bird)
Supporting Actor
Alec Guinness, Little Dorrit
(RU - Martin Landau - Tucker: The Man and His Dream)
Supporting Actress
Genevieve Bujold, Dead Ringers, The Moderns
(RU - Miriam Margolyes - Little Dorrit)
Ron Shelton, Bull Durham
(RU - The Moderns)

Cinematography : Henri Alekan, Wings of Desire
Foreign Film : Wings of Desire, directed by Wim Wenders
Music : Mark Isham , The Moderns
Documentary : Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie
Career Achievement : Don Siegel
New Generation Award : Mira Nair - Salaam Bombay!
Experimental/Independent Film Award : Derek Jarman - The Last of England & Al Razutis - Amerika

1987 - 13th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Hope and Glory
(RU - The Last Emperor)
John Boorman, Hope and Glory
(RU - James Brooks - Broadcast News)
Steve Martin, Roxanne
Jack Nicholson, Ironweed / The Witches of Eastwick
Holly Hunter , Broadcast News
Sally Kirkland, Anna
Supporting Actor
Morgan Freeman, Street Smart
(RU - Sean Connery - The Untouchables)
Supporting Actress
Olympia Dukakis, Moonstruck
(RU - Vanessa Redgrave - Prick Up Your Ears)
John Boorman, Hope and Glory
(RU - Moonstruck)

Cinematography : Vittorio Storaro, The Last Emperor
Foreign Film : Au Revoir les Enfants, directed by Louis Malle
Music : Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne, Cong Su, The Last Emperor
Documentary : Weapons of the Spirit
Career Achievement : Joel McCrea, Samuel Fuller
New Generation Award : Pedro Almodovar
Experimental/Independent Film Award: Gus Van Sant - Mala Noche
Special Award : Pierre Sauvage - Weapons of the Spirit

1986 - 12th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Hannah and Her Sisters
David Lynch, Blue Velvet
(RU - Woody Allen - Hannah and Her Sisters)
Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa
Sandrine Bonnaire, Vagabond
(RU - Marlee Matlin - Children of a Lesser God)
Supporting Actor
Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet, Hoosiers
Supporting Actress
Cathy Tyson, Mona Lisa
Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters
(RU - Blue Velvet)

Cinematography : Chris Menges, The Mission
Foreign Film : Vagabond, directed by Agnès Varda
Music : Herbie Hancock, 'Round Midnight
Career Achievement : John Cassavetes
New Generation Award : Spike Lee
Special Prizes : Rafigh Pooya & Chuck Workman - Precious Images
Experimental/Independent Film Award : Nina Menkes - Magdalena Criaga & Jonas Mekas - He Stands in the Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life

1985 - 11th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

(RU - Out of Africa)
Terry Gilliam, Brazil
(RU - Akira Kurosawa - Ran)
William Hurt, Kiss of the Spider Woman
(RU - Jack Nicholson - Prizzi's Honor)
Meryl Streep, Out of Africa
(RU - Whoopi Goldberg - The Color Purple)
Supporting Actor
John Gielgud, Plenty / The Shooting Party
(RU - William Hickey - Prizzi's Honor)
Supporting Actress
Angelica Huston, Prizzi's Honor
(RU - Oprah Winfrey - The Color Purple)
Brazil - Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown
(RU - Prizzi's Honor)

Cinematography : David Watkin, Out of Africa
Foreign Film : The Official Story (Luis Puenzo) & Ran (Akira Kurosawa)
Music : Toru Takemitsu, Ran
Career Achievement : Akira Kurasawa
New Generation Award : Laura Dern - Mask / Smooth Talk
Special Citation : Shoah
Experimental/Independent Film Award : Fear of Emptiness - Rosa Von Prauheim

1984 - 10th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

(RU - Once Upon a Time in America)
Milos Forman, Amadeus
(RU - Sergio Leone - Once Upon a Time in America)
F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus
Albert Finney, Under the Volcano
Kathleen Turner, Romancing the Stone
(RU - Vanessa Redgrave - The Bostonians)
Supporting Actor
Adolph Caesar, A Soldier's Story
(RU - John Malkovich - Places in the Heart / The Killing Fields)
Supporting Actress
Peggy Ashcroft, A Passage to India
(RU - Christine Lahti - Swing Shift)
Peter Shaffer, Amadeus
(RU - Choose Me)

Cinematography : Chris Menges, The Killing Fields
Foreign Film : The Fourth Man, directed by Paul Verhoeven
Music : Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in America
Career Achievement : Rouben Mamoulian
New Generation Award : Alan Rudolph - Choose Me
Special Prizes : Andrew Sarris & Francois Truffaut
Experimental/Independent Film Award : George Kuchar for his body of work

1983 - 9th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Terms of Endearment
(RU - Tender Mercies)
James L. Brooks, Terms of Endearment
(RU - Bruce Beresford - Tender Mercies)
Robert Duvall, Tender Mercies
(RU - Tom Conti - Reuben, Reuben)
Shirley MacLaine, Terms of Endearment
(RU - Jane Alexander - Testament)
Supporting Actor
Jack Nicholson, Terms of Endearment
(RU - John Lithgow - Terms of Endearment / Twilight Zone: The Movie)
Supporting Actress
Linda Hunt, The Year of Living Dangerously
(RU - Cher - Silkwood)
James L. Brooks, Terms of Endearment
(RU - The Big Chill)

Cinematography : Sven Nykvist, Fanny & Alexander
Foreign Film : Fanny & Alexander, directed by Ingmar Bergman
Music : Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi
Special Prizes : Restored versions of "A Star is Born" and "The Leopard"
Experimental/Independent Film Award : So Is This - Michael Snow
Career Achievement Award : Myrna Loy
New Generation Award : Sean Penn - Bad Boys / Fast Times at Ridgemont High

1982 - 8th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

E.T. The ExtraTerrestrial
(RU - Gandhi)
Steven Spielberg, E.T. The ExtraTerrestrial
(RU - Richard Attenborough - Gandhi)
Ben Kingsley, Gandhi
(RU - Peter O'Toole - My Favorite Year)
Meryl Streep, Sophie's Choice
(RU - Jessica Lange - Frances)
Supporting Actor
John Lithgow, The World According to Garp
(RU - James Mason - The Verdict)
Supporting Actress
Glenn Close, The World According to Garp
(RU - Cher - Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmie Dean, Jimmie Dean)
Murray Schisgal, Larry Gelbart, Tootsie
(RU - Diner)

Cinematography : Jordan Cronenweth, Blade Runner
Foreign Film : Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior, directed by George Miller
Music : James Horner and The Bus Boys, 48 Hrs.
Special Prize : Carlo Rambaldi
Experimental/Independent Film Award : Chan Is Missing - Wayne Wang
Career Achievement : Robert Preston
New Generation Award : Melissa Mathison - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

1981 - 7th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Atlantic City
(RU - Reds)
Warren Beatty, Reds
(RU - Lawrence Kasdan - Body Heat)
Burt Lancaster, Atlantic City
(RU - Henry Fonda - On Golden Pond)
Meryl Streep, The French Lieutenant's Woman
(RU - Diane Keaton - Reds)
Supporting Actor
John Gielgud, Arthur
(RU - Jack Nicholson - Reds)
Supporting Actress
Maureen Stapleton, Reds
John Guare, Atlantic City
(RU - Reds)

Cinematography : Vittorio Storaro, Reds
Foreign Film : Pixote, directed by Hector Babenco
Music : Randy Newman, Ragtime
Life Achievement : Barbara Stanwyck
New Generation Prize : John Guare - Atlantic City
Experimental/Independent Film Award : The Art of Worldly Wisdom - Bruce Elder
Special Award : Kevin Brownlow - Napoleon

1980 - 6th Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Raging Bull
Roman Polanski, Tess
(RU - Richard Rush - The Stunt Man)
Robert De Niro, Raging Bull
(RU - John Hurt - The Elephant Man)
Sissy Spacek, Coal Miner's Daughter
(RU - Mary Tyler Moore - Ordinary People)
Supporting Actor
Timothy Hutton, Ordinary People
(RU - Joe Pesci - Raging Bull)
Supporting Actress
Mary Steenburgen, Melvin and Howard
John Sayles, Return of the Secaucus 7

Cinematography : Geoffrey Unsworth, Chislain Clouquet, Tess
Foreign Film : The Tin Drum, directed by Volker Schlöndorff
Music : Ry Cooder, The Long Riders
Experimental/Independent Film Awards : Journeys from Berlin (1971) - Yvonne Rainer & Demon Lover Diary - Joel Demot
Career Achievement Award : Robert Mitchum
New Generation Award : Carroll Ballard - The Black Stallion

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