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1989 47th Golden Globe Awards

Best Picture - Drama
Born on the Fourth of July - A. Kitman Ho, Oliver Stone
Crimes and Misdemeanors - Robert Greenhut
Dead Poets Society - Steven Haft, Tony Thomas, Paul Junger Witt
Do the Right Thing - Spike Lee, Monty Ross
Glory - Freddie Fields

Best Picture - Comedy or Musical
Driving Miss Daisy - Lili Zanuck, Richard Zanuck
The Little Mermaid - Howard Ashman, John Musker
Shirley Valentine - Lewis Gilbert
War of the Roses - James L. Brooks, Arnon Milchan
When Harry Met Sally - Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman

Best Actor - Drama
Tom Cruise - Born on the Fourth of July
Daniel Day-Lewis - My Left Foot
Jack Lemmon - Dad
Al Pacino - Sea of Love
Robin Williams - Dead Poets Society

Best Actor - Comedy or Musical
Billy Crystal - When Harry Met Sally
Michael Douglas - War of the Roses
Morgan Freeman - Driving Miss Daisy
Steve Martin - Parenthood
Jack Nicholson - Batman

Best Actress - Drama
Sally Field - Steel Magnolias
Jessica Lange - Music Box
Andie MacDowell - sex, lies, and videotape
Michelle Pfeiffer - The Fabulous Baker Boys
Liv Ullmann - The Rose Garden

Best Actress - Comedy or Musical
Pauline Collins - Shirley Valentine
Meg Ryan - When Harry Met Sally
Meryl Streep - She Devil
Jessica Tandy - Driving Miss Daisy
Kathleen Turner - War of the Roses

Best Supporting Actor
Danny Aiello - Do the Right Thing
Marlon Brando - A Dry White Season
Sean Connery - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Ed Harris - Jacknife
Denzel Washington - Glory
Bruce Willis - In Country

Best Supporting Actress
Bridget Fonda - Scandal
Laura San Giacomo - sex, lies, and videotape
Brenda Fricker - My Left Foot
Julia Roberts - Steel Magnolias
Dianne Wiest - Parenthood

Best Director
Spike Lee - Do the Right Thing
Rob Reiner - When Harry Met Sally
Oliver Stone - Born on the Fourth of July
Peter Weir - Dead Poets Society
Edward Zwick - Glory

Best Screenplay
Born on the Fourth of July - Ron Kovic, Oliver Stone
Dead Poets Society - Tom Schulman
Do the Right Thing - Spike Lee
Glory - Kevin Jarre
sex, lies, and videotape - Steven Soderbergh
When Harry Met Sally - Nora Ephron

Best Score
Born on the Fourth of July - John Williams
Casualties of War - Ennio Morricone
The Fabulous Baker Boys - Dave Grusin
Glory - James Horner
The Little Mermaid - Alan Menken

Best Song
"After All" - Chances Are - Tom Snow, Dean Pitchford
"The Girl Who Used to Be Me" - Shirley Valentine - Marvin Hamlisch, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bermgan
"I Love to See You Smile" - Parenthood - Randy Newman
"Kiss the Girl" - The Little Mermaid - Alan Menken, Howard Ashman
"Under the Sea" - The Little Mermaid - Alan Menken, Howard Ashman

Best Foreign Film
Camille Claudel - France
Cinema Paridiso - Italy
Jesus of Montreal - Canada
My Uncle's Legacy - Yugoslavia
Story of Women - France

Cecil B. DeMille Award
Audrey Hepburn