European Film Festivals

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    Cannes: Rosetta, by Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne (Belgium)
    Berlin: The Thin Red Line, by Terrence Malick (US)
    Venice: Not One Less, by Zhang Yimou (China)

    Oscar: American Beauty, by Sam Mendes

    Cannes: Eternity and a Day, by Theo Angelopoulos (Greece)
    Berlin: Central Station, by Walter Salles (Brazil)
    Venice: The Way We Laughed, by Gianni Amelio (Italy)

    Oscar: Shakespeare in Love, by John Madden

    Cannes: Tie - The Eel, by Shohei Imamura (Japan)
                      - The Taste of Cherry, by Abbas Kiarostami (Iran)
    Berlin: The People vs Larry Flint, by Milos Forman (US)
    Venice: Fireworks, by Takeshi Kitano (Japan)

    Oscar: Titanic, by James Cameron

    Cannes: Secrets & Lies, by Mike Leigh (UK)
    Berlin: Sense and Sensibility, by Ang Lee (US)
    Venice: Michael Collins, by Neil Jordan (UK)

    Oscar: The English Patient, by Anthony Minghella

    Cannes: Underground, by Emir Kusturica (Bosnia)
    Berlin: Fresh Bait, by Bertrand Tavernier (France)
    Venice: Cyclo, by Anh Hung Tran (Vietnam)

    Oscar: Braveheart, by Mel Gibson

    Cannes: Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino (US)
    Berlin: In the Name of the Father, by Jim Sheridan (UK)
    Venice: Tie - Vive L'Amour, by Ming-Liang Tsai (Taiwan)
                     - Before the Rain, by Milcho Manchevski (Macedonia)

    Oscar: Forrest Gump, by Robert Zemeckis

    Cannes: Tie - The Piano, by Jane Campion (New Zealand)
                      - Farewell My Concubine, by Chen Kaige (Hong Kong)
    Berlin: The Wedding Banquet, by Ang Lee (Taiwan)
    Venice: Tie - Short Cuts, by Robert Altman (US)
                     - Three Colors: Blue, by Krzysztof Kieslowski (France)

    Oscar: Schindler's List, by Steven Spielberg

    Cannes: The Best Intentions, by Bille August (Denmark)
    Berlin: Grand Canyon, by Lawrence Kasdan (US)
    Venice: The Story of Qui Ju, by Zhang Yimou (China)

    Oscar: Unforgiven, by Clint Eastwood

    Cannes: Barton Fink, by Joel Coen (US)
    Berlin: House of Smiles, by Marco Ferreri (Italy)
    Venice: Close to Eden, by Nikita Mikhalhov (Soviet Union)

    Oscar: The Silence of the Lambs, by Jonathan Demme

    Cannes: Wild at Heart, by David Lynch (US)
    Berlin: Tie - Music Box, by Constantin Costa-Gavras (US)
                    - Larks on a String, by Jiri Menzel (Czechoslovakia)
    Venice: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, by Tom Stoppard (UK)

    Oscar: Dances With Wolves, by Kevin Costner