European Film Festivals

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    Cannes: The Third Man, by Carol Reed (UK)
    Venice: Manon, by Henri-Georges Clouzot (France)

    Oscar: All The King's Men, by Robert Rossen

    Cannes: no festival
    Venice: Hamlet, by Laurence Olivier (UK)

    Oscar: Hamlet, by Laurence Olivier

    Cannes: Five Grand Prizes for five genres
             - Best Musical Comedy: Ziegfeld Follies, by Vincente Minnelli (US)
             - Best Social Film: Crossfire, by Edward Dmytryk (US)
             - Best Animation: Dumbo, by Ben Sharpsteen (US)
             - Best Psychological and Love Film: Antoine & Antoinette, by Jacques Becker (France)
             - Best Adventure and Crime Film: The Damned, by Rene Clement (France)
    Venice: Sirena, by Karel Stekly (Czechoslovakia)

    Oscar: Gentleman's Agreement, by Elia Kazan

    Cannes: Eleven Grand Prizes for every country (1st fest)
             - Brief Encounter, by David Lean (UK)
             - The Last Chance, by Leopold Lindtberg (Switzerland)
             - The Lost Weekend, by Billy Wilder (USA)
             - Lowly City, by Chetan Anand (India)
             - Muzi bez kridel, by Frantisek Cap (Czechoslovakia)
             - Portrait of Maria (Xochimilco) , by Emilio Fernandez (Mexico)
             - The Red Earth, by Bodil Ipsen & Lau Lauritzen (Denmark)
             - Rome, Open City, by Roberto Rossellini (Italy)
             - La symphonie pastorale, by Jean Delannoy (France)
             - Torment, by Alf Sjoberg (Sweden)
             - The Turning Point , by Fridrikh Ermler (Sovjet Union)
    Venice: no award

    Oscar: Best Years of Our Lives, by William Wyler

    Venice Film Festival

    Between 1934 and 1942 the 'Mussolini-award'
    was awarded to both an Italian and a non-italian film.

    1945: no festival
    1944: no festival
    1943: no festival

    1942: - Bengasi, by Augusto Genina (Italy)
             - The Great King, by Veit Harlan (Germany)

    1941: - The Iron Crown, by Allesandro Blasetti (Italy)
             - Ohm Kruger, by Hans Steinhoff (Germany)

    1940: - The Siege of the Alcazar, by Augusto Genina (Italy)
             - The Stationmaster, by Gustav Ucicky (Austria/Germany)

    1939: Cardinal Messias, by Goffredo Alessandrini (Italy)

    1938: - Luciano Serra, Pilot, by Goffredo Alessandrini (Italy)
             - The Olympiad, by Leni Riefenstahl (Germany)

    1937: - Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal, by Carmine Gallone (Italy)
             - Dance Program, by Julien Duvivier (France)

    1936: - White Squadron, by Augusto Genina (Italy)
             - The Emperor of California, by Luis Trenker (Germany)

    1935: - Casta Diva, by Carmine Gallone (Italy)
             - Anna Karenina, by Clarence Brown (US)

    1934: - Loyalty of Love, by Guido Brignone (Italy)
             - Man Of Aran, by Robert J. Flaherty (UK)

    1933: no festival
    1932: no award (1st fest)