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1976 34th Golden Globe Awards

Best Picture - Drama
All the President's Men - Walter Coblenz
Bound for Glory - Robert Blumofe, Harold Leventhal
Network - Howard Gottfried
Rocky - Robert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler
Voyage of the Damned - Robert Fryer

Best Picture - Comedy or Musical
Bugsy Malone - Alan Marshall
The Pink Panther Strikes Again - Blake Edwards
The Ritz - Denis O'Dell
Silent Movie - Michael Hertzberg
A Star Is Born - Jon Peters

Best Actor - Drama
David Carradine - Bound for Glory
Robert De Niro - Taxi Driver
Peter Finch - Network
Dustin Hoffman - Marathon Man
Sylvester Stallone - Rocky

Best Actor - Comedy or Musical
Mel Brooks - Silent Movie
Kris Kirstofferson - A Star Is Born
Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther Strikes Again
Jack Weston - The Ritz
Gene Wilder - Silver Streak

Best Actress - Drama
Faye Dunaway - Network
Glenda Jackson - The Incredible Sarah
Sarah Miles - The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
Talia Shire - Rocky
Liv Ullmann - Face to Face

Best Actress - Comedy or Musical
Jodie Foster - Freaky Friday
Barbara Harris - Family Plot
Barbara Harris - Freaky Friday
Goldie Hawn - The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
Rita Moreno - The Ritz
Barbra Streisand - A Star Is Born

Best Supporting Actor
Marty Feldman - Silent Movie
Ron Howard - The Shootist
Laurence Olivier - Marathon Man
Jason Robards - All the President's Men
Oskar Werner - Voyage of the Damned

Best Supporting Actress
Lee Grant - Voyage of the Damned
Marthe Keller - Marathon Man
Piper Laurie - Carrie
Bernadette Peters - Silent Movie
Katharine Ross - Voyage of the Damned
Shelley Winters - Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Best Director
Hal Ashby - Bound for Glory
John Avildsen - Rocky
Alan Pakula - All the President's Men
Sidney Lumet - Network
John Schlesinger - Marathon Man

Best Screenplay
All the President's Men - William Goldman
Marathon Man - William Goldman
Network - Paddy Chayefsky
Rocky - Sylvester Stallone
Taxi Driver - Paul Schrader
Voyage of the Damned - David Butler, Steve Shagan

Best Score
Bugsy Malone - Paul Williams
Rocky - Bill Conti
The Slipper and the Rose - Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman
A Star Is Born - Kenny Ascher, Paul Williams
Voyage of the Damned - Lalo Schifrin

Best Song
"Bugsy Malone" - Bugsy Malone - Paul Williams
"Car Wash" - Car Wash - Norman Whitfield
"Evergreen" - A Star Is Born - Barbra Streisand, Paul Williams
"Hello and Goodbye" - From Noon Till Three - Elmer Bernstein, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman
"I'd Like to Be You for a Day" - Freaky Friday - Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha
"So Sad the Song" - Pipe Dreams - Jerry Goffin, Michael Masser

Best Female Acting Debut
Melinda Dillon - Bound for Glory
Mariel Hemingway - Lipstick
Gladys Knight - Pipe Dreams
Jessica Lange - King Kong
Andrea Marcovicci - The Front

Best Male Acting Debut
Lenny Baker - Next Stop, Greenwich Village
Truman Capote - Murder By Death
Jonathan Kahn - The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Stay Hungry
Harvey Stephens - The Omen

Best Foreign Film
Cousin, Cousine - France
Face to Face - Sweden
Seven Beauties - Italy
The Slipper and the Rose - United Kingdom
Small Change - France

Cecil B. DeMille Award
Walter Mirisch

World Female Film Favorite
Sophia Loren

World Male Film Favorite
Robert Redford