Academy Awards®
Awards for 1930 - 1931

(formerly Production)
* William LeBaron - Producer, CIMARRON
Winfield Sheehan - Studio Head, EAST LYNNE
Howard Hughes - Producer, THE FRONT PAGE
Adolph Zukor - Studio Head, SKIPPY
Irving G. Thalberg - Producer, TRADER HORN

* Lionel Barrymore, A FREE SOUL
Jackie Cooper, SKIPPY
Richard Dix, CIMARRON
Adolphe Menjou, THE FRONT PAGE

Marlene Dietrich, MOROCCO
* Marie Dressler, MIN AND BILL
Irene Dunne, CIMARRON
Ann Harding, HOLIDAY
Norma Shearer, A FREE SOUL

Clarence Brown, A FREE SOUL
Lewis Milestone, THE FRONT PAGE
Wesley Ruggles, CIMARRON
* Norman Taurog, SKIPPY
Josef von Sternberg, MOROCCO

Writing - Original Story
Rules changed in 1930: Writing - Achievement divided into Adaptation and Original Story.
* John Monk Saunders, THE DAWN PATROL
Rowland Brown, DOORWAY TO HELL
Harry d'Abbadie D'Arrast, Douglas Doty, Donald Ogden Stewart, LAUGHTER
John Bright, Kubec Glasmon, THE PUBLIC ENEMY
Lucien Hubbard, Joseph Jackson, SMART MONEY

Writing - Adaptation
Rules changed in 1930: Writing-Achievement divided into Adaptation and Original Story.
* Howard Estabrook, CIMARRON
Seton Miller, Fred Niblo, Jr., THE CRIMINAL CODE
Horace Jackson, HOLIDAY
Francis Faragoh, Robert N. Lee, LITTLE CAESAR
Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Sam Mintz, SKIPPY

Art Direction
* Max Ree - Art Direction, CIMARRON
Stephen Goosson - Art Direction, Ralph Hammeras - Art Direction, JUST IMAGINE
Hans Dreier - Art Direction, MOROCCO
Anton Grot - Art Direction, SVENGALI
Richard Day - Art Direction, WHOOPEE!

Edward Cronjager, CIMARRON
Lee Garmes, MOROCCO
Charles B. Lang, THE RIGHT TO LOVE
Barney "Chick" McGill, SVENGALI
* Floyd Crosby, TABU

Sound Recording
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio Sound Department
* Paramount Studio Sound Department
RKO Radio Studio Sound Department
Samuel Goldwyn Sound Department

Class I (Statuette)
This award was instituted in 1930.
* Electrical Research Products Inc.
RCA-Photophone Inc.
RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
For noise reduction recording equipment.
* DuPont Film Manufacturing Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, For supersensitive panchromatic film.

Class II (Plaque)
This award was instituted in 1930.
* Fox Film Corporation, For effective use of synchro-projection composite photography.

Class III (Citation)
This award was instituted in 1930.
* Electrical Research Products Inc.
For moving coil microphone transmitters.
* RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
For reflex type microphone concentrators.
* RCA-Photophone Inc.
For ribbon microphone transmitters.

Honorary and Other Awards
No award given for 1930-1931.