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1999 - Online Film Critics Society

Best Picture
1. American Beauty
2. Being John Malkovich
3. Fight Club
4. The Insider
5. Toy Story 2
6. Magnolia
7. The Straight Story
8. The Green Mile
9. Eyes Wide Shut
10. The Blair Witch Project

Best Actor
Kevin Spacey, American Beauty
Jim Carrey, Man on the Moon
Russell Crowe, The Insider
Richard Farnsworth, The Straight Story
Edward Norton, Fight Club

Best Actress
Reese Witherspoon, Election
Annette Bening, American Beauty
Heather Donahue, Blair Witch Project
Janet McTeer, Tumbleweeds
Hilary Swank, Boys Don't Cry

Best Supporting Actor
Haley Joel Osment, The Sixth Sense
Wes Bentley, American Beauty
Michael Clarke Duncan, The Green Mile
John Malkovich, Being John Malkovich
Christopher Plummer, The Insider

Best Supporting Actress
Catherine Keener, Being John Malkovich
Thora Birch, American Beauty
Cameron Diaz, Being John Malkovich
Jullianne Moore, Magnolia
Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry

Sam Mendes, American Beauty
David Fincher, Fight Club
Spike Jonze, Being John Malkovich
Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut
Michael Mann, The Insider

Best Original Screenplay
Being John Malkovich
American Beauty
The Sixth Sense
Toy Story 2

Best Adapted Screenplay
Fight Club
The Green Mile
The Insider
The Talented Mr. Ripley

Best Original Score
South Park
American Beauty
Eyes Wide Shut
Star Wars
The Straight Story

Sleepy Hollow
American Beauty
Eyes Wide Shut
The Straight Story
Three Kings

Best Editing
Run Lola Run
American Beauty
Fight Club
The Limey
Three Kings