Golden Satellites

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The 4th Annual Golden Satellite Awards

Picture - Drama
American Beauty, Produced by Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks
Boys Don't Cry, Produced by John Hart, Eva Kolodner, Jeffrey Sharp, Christine Vachon
The Insider, Produced by Pieter Jan Brugge, Michael Mann
Magnolia, Produced by Paul Thomas Anderson, Joanne Sellar
Snow Falling On Cedars, Produced by Ronald Bass, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Harry J. Ufland
The Talented Mr. Ripley, Produced by William Horberg, Tom Sternberg

Picture - Musical Or Comedy
Being John Malkovich, Produced by Steve Golin, Vincent Landay, Sandy Stern, Michael Stipe
Bowfinger, Produced by Brian Grazer
Dick, Produced by Gale Anne Hurd
Election, Produced by Albert Berger, David Gale, Keith Samples, Ron Yerxa
An Ideal Husband, Produced by Bruce Davey, Uri Fruchtman, Barnaby Thompson
Notting Hill, Produced by Duncan Kenworthy

Picture - Animated Or Mixed Media
The Iron Giant, Produced by Allison Abbate, Des Mcanuff
Princess Mononoke, Produced by Toshio Suzuki
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Produced by Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Stuart Little, Produced by Douglas Wick
Tarzan, Produced by Bonnie Arnold
Toy Story 2, Produced by Karen Robert Jackson, Helene Plotkin

Actor - Drama
Russell Crowe in The Insider
Richard Farnsworth in The Straight Story
Al Pacino in The Insider
Kevin Spacey in American Beauty
Terence Stamp in The Limey
Denzel Washington in The Hurricane

Actor - Musical Or Comedy
Jim Carrey in Man On The Moon
Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow
Rupert Everett in An Ideal Husband
Philip Seymour Hoffman in Flawless
Sean Penn in Sweet And Lowdown
Steve Zahn in Happy, Texas

Actress - Drama
Annette Bening in American Beauty
Elaine Cassidy in Felicia's Journey
Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut
Youki Kudoh in Snow Falling On Cedars
Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry
Sigourney Weaver in A Map Of The World

Actress - Musical Or Comedy
Janet Mcteer in Tumbleweeds
Julianne Moore in An Ideal Husband
Frances O'connor in Mansfield Park
Julia Roberts in Notting Hill
Cecilia Roth in All About My Mother
Reese Witherspoon in Election

Supporting Actor - Drama
Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules
Tom Cruise in Magnolia
Doug Hutchison in The Green Mile
Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley
Harry J. Lennix in Titus
Christopher Plummer in The Insider

Supporting Actor - Musical Or Comedy
Dan Hedaya in Dick
Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill
William H. Macy in Happy, Texas
Bill Murray in Cradle Will Rock
Ving Rhames in Bringing Out The Dead
Alan Rickman in Dogma

Supporting Actress - Drama
Erykah Badu in The Cider House Rules
Toni Collette in The Sixth Sense
Jessica Lange in Titus
Chloë Sevigny in Boys Don't Cry
Sissy Spacek in The Straight Story
Charlize Theron in The Cider House Rules

Supporting Actress - Musical Or Comedy
Cate Blanchett in An Ideal Husband
Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich
Catherine Keener in Being John Malkovich
Samantha Morton in Sweet And Lowdown
Antonia San Juan in All About My Mother
Tori Spelling in Trick

Paul Thomas Anderson for Magnolia
Scott Hicks for Snow Falling On Cedars
Michael Mann for The Insider
Sam Mendes for American Beauty
Anthony Minghella for The Talented Mr. Ripley
Kimberly Peirce for Boys Don't Cry

Original Screenplay
American Beauty, Written by Alan Ball
Being John Malkovich, Written by Charlie Kaufman
Magnolia, Written by Paul Thomas Anderson
The Sixth Sense, Written by M. Night Shyamalan
Three Kings, Written by David O. Russell
A Walk On The Moon, Written by Pamela Gray

Adapted Screenplay
The Cider House Rules, Adapted by John Irving
Felicia's Journey, Adapted by Atom Egoyan
A Map Of The World, Adapted by Peter Hedges, Polly Platt
Onegin, Adapted by Peter Ettedgui, Michael Ignatieff
The Talented Mr. Ripley, Adapted by Anthony Minghella
Titus, Adapted by Julie Taymor

American Beauty, Photographed by Conrad L. Hall
Anna And The King, Photographed by Caleb Deschanel
Eyes Wide Shut, Photographed by Larry Smith
Sleepy Hollow, Photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki
Snow Falling On Cedars, Photographed by Robert Richardson
The Talented Mr. Ripley, Photographed by John Seale

Production Design
Anna And The King, Designed by Luciana Arrighi
The Emperor And The Assassin, Designed by Qi Lin, Juhua Tu
An Ideal Husband, Designed by Michael Howells
The Legend Of 1900, Designed by Francesco Frigeri
Sleepy Hollow, Designed by Rick Heinrichs
Titus, Designed by Dante Ferretti

Costume Design
Anna And The King, Designed by Jenny Beavan
The Emperor And The Assassin, Designed by Qiuping Huang, Mo Xiaomin
An Ideal Husband, Designed by Caroline Harris
The Red Violin, Designed by Renée April
Sleepy Hollow, Designed by Colleen Atwood
Titus, Designed by Milena Canonero

Film Editing
American Beauty, Edited by Tariq Anwar, Christopher Greenbury
Buena Vista Social Club, Edited by Brian Johnson
The Insider, Edited by William Goldenberg, David Rosenbloom, Paul Rubell
The Sixth Sense, Edited by Andrew Mondshein
Sleepy Hollow, Edited by Chris Lebenzon
The Talented Mr. Ripley, Edited by Walter Murch

Original Score
The Legend Of 1900, Composed by Ennio Morricone
Ravenous, Composed by Damon Albarn, Michael Nyman
The Red Violin, Composed by John Corigliano
Sleepy Hollow, Composed by Danny Elfman
Snow Falling On Cedars, Composed by James Newton Howard
The Thomas Crown Affair, Composed by Bill Conti

Original Song
"(I) Get Lost"
From The Story Of Us
Music And Lyric by Eric Clapton
"Mountain Town"
From South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Music And Lyric by Trey Parker, Marc Shaiman
"Save Me"
From Magnolia
Music And Lyric by Aimee Mann
From Dogma
Music And Lyric by Alanis Morissette
"When She Loved Me"
From Toy Story 2
Music And Lyric by Randy Newman
"The World Is Not Enough"
From The World Is Not Enough
Music by David Arnold Lyric by Don Black

Foreign Film
All About My Mother, From Spain
The Emperor And The Assassin, From The People's Republic Of China
The King Of Masks, From Hong Kong
The Red Violin, From Canada
Run Lola Run, From Germany
Three Seasons, From Vietnam

Buena Vista Social Club, Mixed by Jerry Boys, Martin Muller, Elmo Weber
The Emperor And The Assassin, Mixed by Tao Jing
Eyes Wide Shut, Mixed by Paul Conway, Edward Tise
The Sixth Sense, Mixed by Allan Byer, Michael Kirchberger
Sleepy Hollow, Mixed by Gary Alper, Skip Lievsay
Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Mixed by Tom Bellfort, Benjamin P. Burtt, Jr., Matthew Wood

Visual Effects
The Matrix, Designed by Steve Courtley, Brian Cox, John Gaeta
The Mummy, Designed by John Andrew Berton, Jr., Chris Corbould, Mark Freund, Stephen Hamilton
Sleepy Hollow, Designed by James Mitchell, Joss Williams
Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Designed by Peter Hutchinson, John Knoll, Dennis Muren, Judith Weaver
Stuart Little, Designed by Eric Allard, Henry F. Anderson Iii, Jerome Chen, John Dykstra, Sony Imageworks
Titus, Designed by Kyle Cooper, Imaginary Forces

Outstanding New Talent: Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense

Ensemble Cast Performance: Magnolia