Directors Guild Award

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Sam Mendes - American Beauty
Frank Darabont - The Green Mile
Spike Jonze - Being John Malkovich
Michael Mann - The Insider
M. Night Shyamalan - The Sixth Sense

Steven Spielberg - Saving Private Ryan
Roberto Benigni - Life Is Beautiful
John Madden - Shakespeare In Love
Terrence Malick - The Thin Red Line
Peter Weir - The Truman Show

James Cameron - Titanic
James L. Brooks - As Good As It Gets
Curtis Hanson - L. A. Confidential
Steven Spielberg - Amistad
Gus Van Sant, Jr. - Good Will Hunting

Anthony Minghella - The English Patient
Joel Coen - Fargo
Cameron Crowe - Jerry Maguire
Scott Hicks - Shine
Mike Leigh - Secrets & Lies

Ron Howard - Apollo 13
Mike Figgis - Leaving Las Vegas
Mel Gibson - Braveheart
Ang Lee - Sense And Sensibility
Michael Radford - Il Postino

Robert Zemeckis - Forrest Gump
Frank Darabont - The Shawshank Redemption
Mike Newell - Four Weddings And A Funeral
Robert Redford - Quiz Show
Quentin Tarantino - Pulp Fiction

Steven Spielberg - Schindler's List
Jane Campion - The Piano
Andrew Davis - The Fugitive
James Ivory - The Remains of the Day
Martin Scorsese - The Age of Innocence

Clint Eastwood - Unforgiven
Robert Altman - The Player
James Ivory - Howards End
Neil Jordan - The Crying Game
Rob Reiner - A Few Good Men

Jonathan Demme - The Silence of the Lambs
Barry Levinson - Bugsy
Ridley Scott - Thelma & Louise
Oliver Stone - JFK
Barbra Streisand - The Prince of Tides

Kevin Costner - Dances With Wolves
Francis Ford Coppola - The Godfather Part III
Barry Levinson - Avalon
Martin Scorsese - Goodfellas
Giuseppe Tornatore - Cinema Paradiso

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