Chicago Film Critics Association
1996 - 1989

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1996 9th Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Fargo
Best Actor: Billy Bob Thornton - Sling Blade
Best Actress: Frances McDormand - Fargo
Best Supporting Actor: Cuba Gooding Jr. - Jerry Maguire
Best Supporting Actress: Irma Hall - A Family Thing
Best Director: Joel Coen - Fargo
Best Screenplay: Fargo
Best Foreign Film: The Decalogue
Best Cinematography: The English Patient
Best Score: Fargo
Most Promising Actor: Edward Norton - Primal Fear / The People vs. Larry Flynt
Most Promising Actress: Courtney Love - The People vs. Larry Flynt

1995 8th Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Apollo 13
Best Director: Oliver Stone - Nixon
Best Actor: Nicolas Cage - Leaving Las Vegas
Best Actress: Elisabeth Shue - Leaving Las Vegas
Best Supporting Actor: Kevin Spacey - The Usual Suspects
Best Supporting Actress: Joan Allen - Nixon
Best Screenplay: The Usual Suspects
Best Foreign Film: Il Postino
Best Score: Toy Story - Randy Newman
Best Cinematography: Seven
Most Promising Actor: Greg Kinnear - Sabrina
Most Promising Actress: Minnie Driver - Circle of Friends

1994 7th Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Picture: Hoop Dreams
Best Actor: Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump
Best Actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh - Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Best Supporting Actor: Martin Landau - Ed Wood
Best Supporting Actress: Dianne Wiest - Bullets Over Broadway
Best Director: Quentin Tarintino - Pulp Fiction
Best Screenplay: Pulp Fiction
Best Foreign Film: Red
Best Score: The Lion King
Most Promising Actor: Hugh Grant - Four Weddings and a Funeral
Most Promising Actress: Kirsten Dunst - Interview with the Vampire

1993 6th Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Film: Schindler's List
Best Actor: ?
Best Actress: Holly Hunter - The Piano
Best Supporting Actor: Ralph Fiennes - Schindler's List & Tommy Lee Jones - The Fugitive
Best Director: Steven Spielberg - Schindler's List
Best Screenplay: Schindler's List - Steven Zaillian
Best Cinematography: Schindler's List - Janusz Kaminski
Best Score: The Piano - Michael Nyman
Emerging Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio - What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Emerging Actress: Ashley Judd - Ruby in Paradise
Best Foreign Film: The Piano

1990 3rd Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Film: GoodFellas
Best Actor: Jeremy Irons - Reversal of Fortune
Best Actress: Kathy Bates - Misery
Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci - GoodFellas
Best Supporting Actress: Lorraine Bracco - GoodFellas
Best Director: Martin Scorsese - GoodFellas
Best Screenplay: GoodFellas - Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese
Best Cinematography: Dances with Wolves - Jean Semler
Emerging Actor: Macauley Culkin - Home Alone
Emerging Actress: Penelope Ann Miller - The Freshman
Best Foreign Film: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

1989 2nd Chicago Film Critics Awards

Best Film: Do the Right Thing
Best Actor: Tom Cruise - Born on the Fourth of July
Best Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer - The Fabulous Baker Boys
Best Supporting Actor: Danny Aiello - Do the Right Thing
Best Supporting Actress: Laura San Giacomo - sex, lies & videotape
Best Director: Spike Lee - Do the Right Thing
Emerging Actor: John Cusack - Say Anything
Emerging Actress: Laura San Giacomo - sex, lies & videotape
Best Foreign Film: Henry V