The Golden Banana

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1999 - 10th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: The Straight Story (David Lynch)*
Director : Darren Aronofsky, Pi
Actor: Richard Farnsworth, The Straight Story
Actress: Caroline Ducey, Romance
Supporting Actor: Dylan Baker, Happiness
Supporting Actress: Lynn Redgrave, Gods and Monsters
Screenplay: The Blair Witch Project - Daniel Myrick, Edward Sanchez
(use of) Music: The Straight Story - Angelo Badalamenti

* This is the second Best Picture Banana for David Lynch. He also won in 1990 for Wild at Heart.

1998 - 9th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Titanic (James Cameron)*
Director: Pedro Almodovar, Live Flesh
Actor: Peter Fonda, Ulee's Gold
Actress: Natacha Régnier, The Dreamlife of Angels
Supporting Actor: Henning Moritzen, The Celebration
Supporting Actress: Christina Ricci, The Ice Storm
Screenplay: Life is Beautiful - Roberto Benigni, Vincenzo Cerami
(use of) Music: Rosie - John Parish

* - The audience whistled as James Cameron received his Banana, he raised his fist replying "I don't like you either".

1997 - 8th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: The Garden (Martin Sulík)
Director: John Woo, Face/Off
Actor: John Travolta, Face/Off
Actress: Claire Danes, William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet
Supporting Actor: Chris Penn, The Funeral
Supporting Actress: Sarah Polley, The Sweet Hereafter
Screenplay: The Sweet Hereafter - Atom Egoyan
(use of) Music: Lost Highway - David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti

1996 - 7th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Leaving Las Vegas (Mike Figgis)
Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Strange Days*
Actor: Sean Penn, Dead Man Walking
Actress: Emily Watson, Breaking the Waves
Supporting Actor: Elias Koteas, Crash
Supporting Actress: Sharon Stone, Casino
Screenplay: Babe - George Miller, Chris Noonan
(use of) Music: Trainspotting - Danny Boyle

* Bigelow is the first woman to receive the Best Director Banana. 13 years later she was the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar. What can I say, I'm a visionary...

1995 - 6th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: The Doom Generation (Gregg Araki)
Director: Tim Burton, Ed Wood
Actor: Nigel Hawthorne, The Madness of King George
Actress: Linda Fiorentino, The Last Seduction
Supporting Actor: John Turturro, Quiz Show
Supporting Actress: Diane Wiest, Bullets over Broadway
Screenplay: The Usual Suspects - Christopher McQuarrie
(use of) Music: Underground - Goran Bregovich

1994 - 5th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Remains of the Day (James Ivory)
Director: Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List
Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, In the Name of the Father
Actress: Crissy Rock, Ladybird, Ladybird
Supporting Actor: Ben Kingsley, Schindler's List
Supporting Actress: Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction
Screenplay: Remains of the Day - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
(use of) Music: Natural Born Killers - Oliver Stone, Alex Gibson, Carl Vader

1993 - 4th Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino)
Director: John McNaughton, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Actor: David Thewlis, Naked
Actress: Holly Hunter, The Piano
Supporting Actor: Robin Williams, Aladdin
Supporting Actress: Gong Li, Farewell My Concubine
Screenplay: Reservoir Dogs - Quentin Tarantino
(use of) Music: The Piano - Michael Nyman
Special Achievement Award: Harvey Keitel, Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, Bad Lieutenant

1992 - 3rd Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood)
Director: Terence Davies, The Long Day Closes
Actor: Benoit Poelvoorde, Man Bites Dog
Actress: Irène Jacob, The Double Life of Veronique
Supporting Actor: Richard Harris, Unforgiven
Supporting Actress: Merritt Nelson, Trust
Screenplay: Trust - Hal Hartley
(use of) Music: Beauty and the Beast - Alan Menken
Special Award for Best Belgian Film: Daens - Stijn Coninx

1991 - 2nd Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Dances With Wolves (Kevin Costner)
Director: Joel & Ethan Coen, Barton Fink
Actor: Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs
Actress: Kerry Fox, An Angel at My Tabel
Supporting Actor: John Goodman, Barton Fink
Supporting Actress: Glenn Close, Reversal of Fortune
Screenplay: Reversal of Fortune - Nicholas Kazan
(use of) Music: The Reflecting Skin - Nick Bicat
Special Achievement Award: John Singleton, Boyz N the Hood

1990 - First Ever Annual Banane d'or Awards
Picture: Wild at Heart (David Lynch)
Director: Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas
Actor: Gerard Depardieu, Cyrano de Bergerac
Actress: Laura Dern, Wild at Heart
Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci, Goodfellas
Supporting Actress: Brenda Fricker, My Left Foot
Screenplay: Crimes & Misdemeanours - Woody Allen
(use of) Music: Casualties of War - Ennio Morricone
Picture not in the English language: Romeo (Rita Horst)
Guilty Pleasure: Tremors (Ron Underwood)
Special Achievement Award: Norman Rene, Longtime Companion

I have been handing out these awards since I was 14 at the end of 1990.
To be eligible in a certain year, a film must be released in Belgium and I must have seen it.
Screeners are always welcome...

(p.s. The winners were my favorites AT THE TIME, my tastes have changed over the years)