44th British Academy Film Awards

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Best Film
* GoodFellas - Irwin Winkler, Martin Scorsese
Crimes and Misdemeanors - Robert Greenhut, Woody Allen
Driving Miss Daisy - Richard Zanuck, Lili Fini Zanuck, Bruce Beresford
Pretty Woman - Arnon Milchan, Steven Reuther, Garry Marshall

Best Director
* Martin Scorsese - GoodFellas
Woody Allen - Crimes and Misdemeanors
Bruce Beresford - Driving Miss Daisy
Giuseppe Tornatore - Cinema Paradiso

Best Actor
* Philippe Noiret - Cinema Paradiso
Sean Connery - The Hunt for Red October
Tom Cruise - Born on the Fourth of July
Robert De Niro - GoodFellas

Best Actress
* Jessica Tandy - Driving Miss Daisy
Shirley MacLaine - Postcards from the Edge
Michelle Pfeiffer - The Fabulous Baker Boys
Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman

Best Supporting Actor
* Salvatore Cascio - Cinema Paradiso
Alan Alda - Crimes and Misdemeanors
John Hurt - The Field
Al Pacino - Dick Tracy

Best Supporting Actress
* Whoopi Goldberg - Ghost
Anjelica Huston - Crimes and Misdemeanors
Shirley MacLaine - Steel Magnolias
Billie Whitelaw - The Krays

Best Original Screenplay
* Cinema Paradiso - Giuseppe Tornatore
Crimes and Misdemeanors - Woody Allen
Ghost - Bruce Joel Rubin
Pretty Woman - J.F. Lawton

Best Adapted Screenplay
* GoodFellas - Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese
Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone, Ron Kovic
Driving Miss Daisy - Alfred Uhry
Postcards from the Edge - Carrie Fisher
War of the Roses - Michael Leeson

Best Original Film Score
* Cinema Paradiso - Ennio Morricone, Andrea Morricone
The Fabulous Baker Boys - Dave Grusin
Memphis Belle - George Fenton
Postcards from the Edge - Carly Simon

Best Editing
* GoodFellas - Thelma Schoonmaker
Cinema Paradiso - Mario Morra
Crimes and Misdemeanors - Susan Morse
Dick Tracy - Richard Marks

Best Costume Design
* GoodFellas - Richard Bruno
Cinema Paradiso - Beatrice Bordone
Dick Tracy - Milena Canonero
Pretty Woman - Marilyn Vance-Straker

Best Makeup
* Dick Tracy - John Caglione Jr., Doug Drexler
Cinema Paradiso - Maurizio Trani
Ghost - Ben Nye Jr.
The Witches - Christine Beveridge

Best Production Design
* Dick Tracy - Richard Sylbert
Cinema Paradiso - Andrea Crisanti
The Hunt for Red October - Terence Marsh
The Sheltering Sky - Gianni Silvestri

Best Foreign Language Film
* Cinema Paradiso
Jesus of Montreal
Milou en mai
Romeo and Juliet

Best Special Visual Effects
* Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Dick Tracy
Total Recall

Best Cinematography
* The Sheltering Sky - Vittorio Storaro
Cinema Paradiso - Blasco Giurato
Glory - Freddie Francis
GoodFellas - Michael Ballhaus

Best Sound
* The Fabulous Baker Boys
Dick Tracy
The Hunt for Red October
Wild at Heart

Academy Fellowship: Paul Fox, Deborah Kerr